• Fenton Fire District
  • Fire and Emergency Medical Services
  • CFAI Accredited

EMS Units

All Fenton Fire District ambulances are fully equipped advanced life support vehicles providing advanced cardiac care, respiratory support, and patient management. Every unit has the latest technology to provide advanced data to hospitals accelerating acute care scenarios.


1317 is a 2018 Ford/ Osage ambulance purchased in 2012. This ambulance is the primary EMS response unit for areas around old Fenton, Gravois Bluffs, and surrounding parts of the community.


1327_2.jpg1327 is a 2008 GMC / Osage Ambulance. 1327 is currently utilized as a reserve ambulance except when additional manpower is available or in certain response zones. It carries a full complement of airway control, cardiac monitoring, and trauma equipment.


1337 is a 2015 Ford / Osage Ambulance. This ambulance runs as an advance life support unit. 1337 primarily runs in a largely residential area and even some rural areas in our district. 1337 is equipped similarly to 1327. This truck implements a significant redesign of the patient care area with a focus on enhanced patient and provider safety.


20100417_0007.jpg1347 is a 2009 GMC / Osage Ambulance which provides full advanced life support and transport services from our station four in Sunset Hills.